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március 28, 2012
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New Product – Advanced Technology

március 28, 2012

The converter should work perfectly even with 100% petrol,
100% E85 and any optional mixtures of these.

Original connectors
Changeable cable harnesses
Digital system adjustable with computer
Plug & Play – Easy installation
Polarity independent system
Can be easily removed without leaving any trace

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Brand new CENTRAL-INJECTOR conversion kit

április 28, 2011

We have developed our CENTRAL-INJECTOR converison kit, so it can manage the Peak & Hold injection systems. These injectors use different voltage to open the injector (Peak) and to keep it open (Hold). For the best adjustability, 3 different parameters can be set on the kit:

Igniton enrichment
Cold idle enrichement
Hot idle enrichement

With these settings the kit [...]



szeptember 10, 2010

The PT-E85 petrol-ethanol conversion kit received CE, E & TÜV certifications.
For more information click here.


Do you know how much money you lose because of not using E85?

április 14, 2010

Now you get the chance to know exactly: Calculate!
Calculate how much you would save using E85. Just fill in the fields with data and let our calculator do its job. You only have to fill the price of petrol and E85 in your country, the average consumption of your car, and the yearly mileage.

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European E85 Prices

február 15, 2010

France, Germany and Sweden price incentives, non-taxing and other stimulating measures have led to a bio-ethanol liter price between € 0,80 en € 1,00 excl. BTW. Other countries partially lowered their biofuels excise taxation to stimulate the use of biofuels. Italy and Belgium have opted for full market force, so full taxation, and the Netherlands [...]

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