European E85 Prices

France, Germany and Sweden price incentives, non-taxing and other stimulating measures have led to a bio-ethanol liter price between € 0,80 en € 1,00 excl. BTW. Other countries partially lowered their biofuels excise taxation to stimulate the use of biofuels. Italy and Belgium have opted for full market force, so full taxation, and the Netherlands recently chose to adjust (lowered) their excise taxation according to energy content (compared to fossil fuels minus 27%).

European E85 fuel pump prices (updated to February 28, 2010):

Austria 0,93 Euro/liter
Belgium 1,60 Euro/liter
Czech Republic 0,78 Euro/liter
France 0,87 Euro/liter
Germany 0,90 Euro/liter
Hungary 0,83 Euro/liter
Italy 1,77 Euro/liter
Ireland 0,90 Euro/liter
Netherlands 1,70 Euro/liter
Norway 1,03 Euro/liter
Spain 0,96 Euro/liter
Switzerland 1,03 Euro/liter
Sweden 0,88 Euro/liter
United Kingdom 1,00 Euro/liter


Prices might decrease significantly if government policies regarding biofuels stimulate driving on biofuels (biogas, biodiesel and bioethanol).