Can ethanol use damage the petrol engine?

No, if you have a petrol-ethanol conversion kit installed in your car. If you use ethanol rather than petrol,  you can reduce the contamination of the oil, extend the life of the engine, and clean the fuel injection system.

However the E85 is a more aggressive fuel than petrol, it reduces the life of the rubber parts and seals only slightly. There can be problem only with high mileage, old and cracky rubber parts. Before the switch to ethanol fuel, it is recommend to check the fuel systems rubber pipes and seals, and replace them if necessary.

Because the cleaning effect of the ethanol, it is recommended to replace the fuel filter after 1.000 km, which can be clogged from the dissolved impurities.

Does the petrol-ethanol conversion kit increase the fuel consumption?

Ethanol has a lower heating value than petrol, so some surplus consumption can be expected if you use ethanol. This surplus consumption can be various in different car types, usually it is between 20 and 25 %.

Does the ethanol decrease the performance of the car?

If you use petrol-ethanol conversion kit, the performance of the car doesn’t decrease, in some cases the performance increases, because the alcohol (110) and the ethanol (105) have a higher octane rating than the petrol.

What happens if I sell my car installed with petrol-ethanol conversion kit?

The petrol-ethanol conversion kit can be removed from the car without leaving any trace. It can be used in a compatible car – only the number of cylinders have to be the same or less.