New Product – Advanced Technology

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The converter should work perfectly even with 100% petrol,
100% E85 and any optional mixtures of these.

  • Original connectors
  • Changeable cable harnesses
  • Digital system adjustable with computer
  • Plug & Play – Easy installation
  • Polarity independent system
  • Can be easily removed without leaving any trace

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Brand new CENTRAL-INJECTOR conversion kit

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We have developed our CENTRAL-INJECTOR converison kit, so it can manage the Peak & Hold injection systems. These injectors use different voltage to open the injector (Peak) and to keep it open (Hold). For the best adjustability, 3 different parameters can be set on the kit:

  • Igniton enrichment
  • Cold idle enrichement
  • Hot idle enrichement

With these settings the kit can be perfectly adjusted to the car, for the best consumption and performance values.


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E Report

The PT-E85 petrol-ethanol conversion kit received CE, E & TÜV certifications.

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